2012 LPIN Award Nominees Announced

Dr. Barbara Bourland Light of Liberty Award: The recipient is honored as the person most responsible for the growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause.

Matt Wittlief (Marion County) — In addition to serving as Marion County Chairman, Matt has been engaged in numerous campaigns as a volunteer. He also works closely on strategy with LPIN HQ, developing fundraising ideas and building the local and state party. Under his leadership, Marion County ran over a dozen candidates for local office in 2011.

Andy Wolff (La Porte County) — Andy wears many hats within the Libertarian Party. He currently serves as LNC District 3 representative, representing Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. In those duties, he serves on key committees, including chairing the HR/Admin committee. In Indiana, he is the La Porte County Chairman, regularly attending all local and regional events from Lake County to South Bend. As an attorney, Wolff routinely keeps abreast of libertarian legal causes.

Evan McMahon (Marion County) — Executive Director of Atlas Liberty & Campaign Manager for Rupert Boneham. Evan has worked tirelessly for local Libertarian campaigns since joining us in 2010. He was instrumental in the training of many campaigns, including Ed Coleman for Indianapolis City-County Council in 2011.

Susan Bell Officeholder of the Year Award: Awarded to a current elected officeholder of the Libertarian Party that best promotes libertarian principles and values through public service.

Susan Bell (Wayne County) — For her service as town Judge of Hagerstown. She has been such an effective judge that she faced no opposition for the second time in her reelection bid.

Al Cox (Brown County) — Al Cox has been sitting on the Brown County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals for the past 5 years. Previous candidate for Indiana House & US Congress, Al also serves as the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Brown County.

Mark Rutherford (Marion County) — In 2007 Mark was appointed by the Governor of Indiana to the Indiana Public Defender Commission. Mark serves in this position as a Libertarian, making him one of the few Libertarian office holders in the country. As Chairman of this commission, Mark casts a wide influence over the policies affecting the state financing of public defenders. His presence means that ideas promulgated by the Cato Institute and other libertarian organizations on the public defender system get considered and actually influence the work of the Commission.

Ken Bisson Outreach Award: Awarded to a party member who has worked exceptionally hard to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as is possible.

Rupert Boneham (Marion County) — In a single day’s news release, Rupert Boneham’s announcement that he was considering a run for Indiana governor garnered international headlines for the LPIN. Since joining the party, Boneham has utilitized his celebrity and business experience to speak to the successes and ideals of Libertarian Party across the state. From Fort Wayne to Evansville, Boneham has broadened the LPIN’s exposure and appeal to an audience previously untapped.

Bart Gadau (Vanderburgh County) — Once the center of LP activity in the state of Indiana, the libertarian movement in Evansville fell on hard times for several years. Gadau stepped up and reorganized the county party and created a strong regional hub for regular outreach and activity. Monthly meetings, special events and candidate recruitment are all back on the agenda for Southwest Indiana because of Gadau’s efforts.

Joyce Morrell (Rush County) — The woman eats, drinks, sleeps, walks and talks Libertarianism. She probably talks it in her sleep too. I doubt there is a single person that knows her that doesn’t know that she is a Libertarian. Her devotion to spreading the ideals of individual liberty, freedom and personal responsibility are unparalleled in my experience. Truthfully, outreach is not a fitting word for her efforts – ‘calling’ is far more appropriate, for it is her foundational ideals and values that are the source of her drive. Passion, compassion and an unyielding desire to enlighten anyone she meets with the message of individual liberty, no matter the circumstance, place, or time – distinguish Joyce as an activists. activist; a libertarians, libertarian. I am proud to call her colleague, ally, role model, and friend.

Joe Hauptmann Campaign Leadership Award: Awarded to a campaign volunteer who has worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and has significantly contributed to the success of a campaign.

Chris Gault / Allison Maguire / Evan McMahon (Marion County) — Working with Ed Coleman’s campaign for re-election, the team of McMahon/Gault/Maguire implemented a well-orchestrated campaign. From fundraisers to media outreach to poll day volunteers, the team made a good run at keeping the councilman’s seat in libertarian hands. The Election Day effort was the best organized of any candidate in the county.

Don Jarman (Rush County) — Don was the campaign manager for Debbie O’Neal’s bid for Rushville Mayor. His experience and history of activism immediately put Debbie’s campaign on par with her opponents and opened doors for her with numerous civic organizations. His attentiveness to detail and grassroots knowledge of activism put a stamp of not only professionalism, but competency on the campaign. Barely a month before the election Don was involved in a serious automobile accident, suffering severe injuries to his back and face. True to form and against the objections of all involved, Don continued to advise and manage the campaign from his hospital bed in ICU. Don’s contributions in such a short time in the party, are in my experience, unparalleled.

Phil Miller Candidate of the Year: Awarded to a Libertarian Candidate that has shown an extraordinary ability to reach and connect with voters, as well as further the cause of libertarianism.

Debbie O’Neal-Leisure (Rush County) — Debbie distinguished herself as a candidate and civic leader by running an energetic and professional campaign for Rushville Mayor. Working both ends of the spectrum, she attended numerous speaking engagements with civic groups, and spent many hours going door to door canvassing. Debbie’s efforts laid the groundwork for her County Party’s future and set a sound foundation of professionalism and dedication for future campaigns.

Phil Miller (Hancock County) — The namesake of the candidate award, Miller made a strong run at the mayor’s office in his hometown Greenfield, Indiana. Door-to-door campaigns, followed by numerous campaign appearances and media responses, Miller showed all libertarians the steps necessary to have a shot at winning an election.

Jeff Spoonamore (Johnson County) — Jeff ran an active campaign for Mayor of Greenwood. Jeff’s early activity was the catalyst for one donor giving his campaign a total of $5000. This allowed him to have a yard sign strategy that competed with his opponents. Jeff’s non-stop salesmanship of the party and his message left a strong impression on the citizens of Greenwood.

Matt Hisrich (Wayne County) — Running for Richmond Common Council against a 40 year incumbent in a district so strongly Democratic that the GOP hadn’t even bothered to run a candidate for at least the last four elections, Matt was able to pull over 27% of the vote. He did so on a very limited budget with limited support. He did a lot of door-to-door to help accomplish this. He was also the second Libertarian in Wayne County to receive the endorsement of the Richmond Palladium-Item, the local Gannett newspaper.

Rob Jozwiak (Madison County), Mayor of Anderson — He changed the dynamics of the Anderson Mayoral election. While Rob did not win the election he had the most impact. Capturing one out of seven votes (in a 3 way race where only one in 3 votes is needed to win) and gaining statewide recognition of this effort.

Despite not being able to be in the primary election Rob took out radio time every Saturday with his own money to give other candidates not anointed by their respective party machines a chance to get their vision for the community heard.

He impacted the general election by again taking out radio time every Saturday to share issues that neither of the old parties wanted to bring up :

1 Taxation of the community through the utility, including the trash assessment. These taxes in the disguised of utility increases hurt the most vulnerable in the community.

2 The hiring of political cronies and family members, which leads to law suits and police corruption.

3 Receiving campaign money from outside interest and political patronage for people looking for jobs within the next administration.

Rob brought these issues to the community with integrity.

Like the Patriots of the American Revolution he suspended his business for almost 3 months and used his own money ($6,000+) to try to make this community better. There we more signs throughout the city than any other candidate by far.

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