2010 Revolution!

In the 40 years of the Libertarian Party, no election cycle has held the promise of growth like 2010. The last 3 years of reckless and shady dealings in Washington have led Americans to the realization that they are no longer in control of their own lives. Their politicians are no longer looking out for their best interest.

The average American voter wants to take that power back. This year’s growth can change the ability of the Libertarian Party of Indiana to affect more public policy and win more elections for the next 100 years.

We can only do this if our supporters get involved!

As a party and a movement, it’s imperative that no one stands on the sidelines. It’s up to regular citizens to change our government back to founding principles. If our party ceases to exist, so will the true, unashamed message of less taxes, more freedom, and more liberty that is embodied within our party. Professional politicians will continue to trample our rights.

Here’s how you can get involved in the 2010 Revolution and make a difference this year:

  • First, join the team by signing up for the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s email newsletter the Liberty Beacon, become our fan on facebook, and join Free Hoosiers the social network of Indiana libertarians. These will keep you connected to the events and news of your Libertarian Party. We will continue to present our case to Hoosier voters, highlight the hard work of LP membership and candidates, and present new opportunities to get involved.
  • Second, donate $20 per month to the 1994 Society. For the cost of one trip to Applebee’s or Chili’s a month, you’ll help print outreach materials, pay for the costs of maintaining an online presence, contribute to the organizing of new counties for the LP, pay for the staff and office that keeps moving us forward, and all the other costs that go into the success of libertarianism. If you are already a member, we ask that you please consider adding an additional $10 per month to your pledge.
  • Third, please invite 20 of your friends and families to our online sites like Free Hoosiers and facebook. Invite at least 10 people to an Libertarian Party event or candidate event. Our message can never extend beyond our inner circle if you never take this step.
  • Fourth, donate 20 minutes per week to organizing your local county party or work for a candidate. This may include making phone calls, walking neighborhoods, stuffing envelopes, writing press releases and organizing fun events.

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The Libertarian Party of Indiana Headquarters or your local affiliate will follow up with you soon! Thank you for being a part of the 2010 Revolution, and standing up for liberty in Indiana!

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