1,139,562 Votes for Gov. Gary Johnson. Record-Setting Libertarian Party Presidential Vote

Gary Johnson Breaks Ed Clark’s 1980 Vote Record of 921,128 Votes for President of the United States

2012 Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray More Than DOUBLED the 2008 Vote Total of Bob Barr and Wayne Root.


Top 3 States for Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray

New Mexico – 3.5% of the Vote

Montana – 2.9% of the Vote

Alaska – 2.5% of the Vote

2 Key Factors that Held Down Gary Johnson’s Vote Total

Money Fact: Republicans and Democrats Spent $2 Billion on the Presidential Campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Libertarians raised and spent $3 Million for the Presidential Campaign of Gov. Gary Johnson.

Romney and Obama Outspent Gary Johnson 667 to 1.

Media Fact: News Media Showered the Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Campaigns With More Than 1,000 Times the News Coverage that they Devoted to Gov. Gary Johnson and his Libertarian Presidential Campaign.

“It’s a great day to be a Libertarian,’ said Harry Browne. Gov. Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray, and our 580 Libertarian Party Candidates Make Us Proud to be Libertarians.

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